Kolo Duo and Midi

The Kolo Duo was originally designed as a meeting space for 2-4 people. It can be used equally effectively however as a private workspace giving an additional sense of security when working in open plan spaces allowing the occupant to focus fully on the task in hand. The Midi unit is also a great size for a space efficient private workstation option.

The unit has:

  • PIR activated LED lights which are dimmable and have controllable colour temperature.
  • Acoustic foam lining.
  • Hidden power connection point.
  • Steel exterior with whiteboard finish available on request.
  • PIR activated ventilation.
  • Sound absorbing PET fabric.
  • Charging station with 2 AC outlets and dual USB charger.
  • A variety of external colour options are available.

These units are now available with custom vinyl wrapping.

  • Kolo Duo and Midi
  • Kolo Duo and Midi
  • Kolo Duo and Midi
  • Kolo Duo and Midi
  • Kolo Duo and Midi

Product by Koplus

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