MFC 3 sided screen

Senator have designed some excellent products to assist with office adjustments for social distancing as well as a very good document with their analysis of the current situation with regards to office adjustments in the current situation. We would be happy to send this to you if you would like to request it

The MFC 3 sided screen is one such solution that can be added to existing workstations and has the following benefits:

• Block potentially harmful virus transmission through talking, coughing and sneezing.

• Desk free standing high screens, that allows users to define their own space to physically demarcate social distance and give psychological comfort.

• Identifies primary workspace to keep clean.

• Smooth MFC panels, that can be fully cleaned, with option to use anti bacterial laminates that reduce the active life of the virus.

• Can be installed immediately with no detriment to existing furniture and easily removed later when greater density of space required.

• Cut out at back to allow existing cables to pass through without removing electrical and IT equipment.

• Negates the need to re space plans and reconfigure existing spaces.

• Highly adaptable for use with desks, touchdown benches and meeting tables

  • MFC 3 sided screen

Product by The Senator Group

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