Alcove Breakout Seating

As one of the first high back seating products, the Alcove, by Vitra, has consistently offered variety along with exceptional quality. The ‘room within a room’ concept and design offers a cheaper and futuristic approach to enclosed work spaces. The various Alcove sofas were conceived for open-plan offices – creating the perfect space to withdraw for concentrated work or small meetings.

Adding to the adaptability of this inspiring piece; Alcove is available in a choice of three different heights; Lowback (94cm), Highback (136cm) and Xtra High (187cm). The altered models in the Alcove family can be variably combined, therefore proposing a varied range of opportunities for organising open-plan offices, without having to install fixed structures.

Alcove comes in a choice of two upholstery options.

The soft ‘Lounge’ upholstery – consists of a relaxing atmosphere, enhanced by arm cushions and small back pillows for increased comfort.

‘Work’ upholstery is a little firmer and provides unlimited support for working in a comfortable upright position.

Ideal locations for Alcove;

  • Office environments – open plan ideally
  • Event centres
  • Educational environments

Previous installation of Alcove

Alcove has ben used in many projects to create open but private spaces, such as with the JKR office in Camden or more enclosed spaces by using the alcove hub.

Are you looking for workspace furniture? Let us help you find the ideal solution for your setting – we’ll guide you in the right direction, taking into consideration your personal needs and aspirations for your environment. Contact us here or call us today on 020 7736 6636 for help with your selection.

  • Alcove Breakout Seating
  • Alcove Breakout Seating
  • Alcove Breakout Seating
  • Alcove Breakout Seating
  • Alcove Breakout Seating
  • Alcove Breakout Seating
  • Alcove Breakout Seating

Product by Vitra

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