bench seating

Waiting or meeting? Our bench seating is ideal for commercial, academic and public breakout spaces. Combining easily maintained, space efficient and minimalistic designs, this type of seating is a cost-effective way to provide space for multiple people. If your waiting area or reception is open plan, minimalist, or even located outside, a bench seating arrangement could be the answer.

WE supply bench seats for all locations, from hardwearing benches, to upholstered seats in a range of fabrics. Coloured vinyls add flair to any décor and can be changed over time without having to replace the entire bench. Strategically placed benches will give guests a place to rest and the placement of accent furniture, such as lobby benches, is subtle yet distinctive; their presence may not be noticed, but their absence would be obvious.

Although situated in our reception furniture section, we sell a variety of bench based seating options to suit any individual company's needs. If you want to know more, or would like some advice, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.