IOU Bench

The idea behind the name of this bench, IOU, is that what is borrowed from nature should be returned. 

Therefore, the planks of IOU are all made of upcycled wood from the Kährs’ floor factory in southern Sweden. Oak and other woods that would otherwise be burned for heat are repurposed in this versatile seating series. The frame is made of recycled steel and can be recycled again, making this a truly environmentally responsible piece of furniture.

The signature curvature of Green Furniture Concepts are present here allowing for numerous configurations. Like the Nova C bench, the IOU benches are held in place by their own weight and therefore do not need to be bolted to the floor. This allows for easy reconfiguration or separation for thorough cleaning. With outstanding sustainable credentials and available in multiple finishes, the IOU is a natural choice.

  • IOU Bench
  • IOU Bench
  • IOU Bench
  • IOU Bench
  • IOU Bench
  • IOU Bench

Product by Green Furniture Concept

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