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  • Posted on: 10 October 2018
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When it comes to the design of an office it’s is not about just giving employees a desk and a chair. It is widely accepted that the physical environment in workplaces influences the wellbeing and productivity of office staff. There are numerous factors to think about in office design in order to get the best out of employees. 

Working Environments Furniture have a few suggestions to make for a more productive working environment. 

  1. Pay attention to colours

Colour psychology suggests that the use of colour in our environments can elicit different responses and even affect the atmosphere and creativity of a space. Some of the best colours to use in the office are green, orange, pink and blue:

  • Green – known to reduce anxiety, is the most restful for the human eye. It is at the opposite end of the spectrum from red and therefore helps to relax and clear the mind. An easy way to introduce green into a workplace is to use plants (real or artificial). Plants will reduce stress and could even improve concentration.
  • Orange – adding a splash of orange in fabrics or lighting can bring a burst of energy and enthusiasm. This is especially good to use in creative spaces.
  • Pink – the “pink effect” is when the colour pink is used in spaces to have a calming effect. Therefore, in theory, could be used in stress-prone areas. Adding a carpet with a pink element could create a more nurturing feel. 
  • Blue – blue is also a great colour to create a calming effect, helping lower blood pressure, clear the mind and steady ones breathing. Light, warm blues are best. Blue is ideal to use in communal areas like kitchens or places used for breaks.

There are many interesting ways to incorporate colour into an office, you could of course paint the walls but there are also acoustic panels, to separate noise, or office dividers, to provide a feeling of privacy and furniture and lighting. It can be fun to use different colours for different areas depending on their function, for example orange chairs in your meeting room to boost creativity and enthusiasm during meetings or add blue wingbacks to your reception area to make guests feel relaxed and comfortable when visiting your office.

  1. Create ergonomic workstations for your employees

Employees who have a comfortable, yet functional workstation tend to be happiest at work. Ergonomic office chairs, office desks and computer equipment support employees while they work. This can reduce any discomfort and reduce any work-related injuries like back or neck pain. If an employee is in pain it can be distracting, reducing their quality of work and productivity levels. Invest in your employees’,  and therefore your business, by investing in high-quality office furniture.

  1. Keep your office tidy

Studies have shown that unclean and untidy workplaces can have negative effects on the stress levels. Whereas tidy, clean workplaces can promote focus, productivity and happiness. Some great ways to achieve a tidy office include:

  • Reduce paper clutter – going digital is the best way to do this but that not always possible so ensuring a robust filing system is in place for important documents is the answer and of course making sure unwanted paper is recycled regularly. Not only does this help the environment but it leads to a tidier, uncluttered office.
  • Minimise belongings on desk – invest in storage solutions to provide space for employees to store their personal and work related items.
  • Regularly clean the office – having clean offices free from dust and dirt can help employees feel comfortable and at ease whilst working. 

Make sure to encourage employees to make simple changes and over time achieve a tidier, happier office.

  1. Provide different working environments

In the UK, over 8 million employees work in open plan offices, as they were once seen as the best working environment for increasing productivity and improving employee communication. However, it has since been proven that for many people, especially introverts, open plan spaces can be distracting and lead to a decrease in productivity and focus. 

Providing different work environments can be beneficial to keeping all employees happy, we recommend a mix of open and enclosed spaces as well as providing places for employees to relax. Office pods are a great way to provide quiet spaces for employees to really focus and be productive. They can be positioned either inside or outside your office space. The best thing about them is that if you decide to move office then they can also be moved with you. This is a cost-effective way of providing quiet spaces for your employees and they are also great as extra meeting or conference spaces.

  1. Increase natural lighting

Studies have shown that employees who are exposed to more natural light throughout the day are less stressed and sleep better, meaning staff are more rested and have more energy for the working day ahead. Encourage as much natural light as possible – turn off the lights and open any closed blinds or curtains. The increase of vitamin D can also help boost an employee’s immune system, which can help reduce employee absences due to ill health.

Adding extra windows to your office is probably not an option, so instead try and use light coloured furniture and walls to help increase the amount of light reflecting around your office.

How we can help

Here at Working Environments Furniture, we have been sourcing and supplying furniture for commercial environments since 1990. With our wealth of experience and knowledge we are perfectly placed to help find the right furniture solutions for your office or working environment no matter where you are located in the UK.

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