Fast Spa IN OUT Aluminium



  • Posted on: 1 November 2013
  • By: admin
Ben Woodger

Rion café chair in white

Working Environments are extremely pleased to announce the addition of Fast Spa to our product portfolio.

Since 1995, Fast has been at the cutting edge in the production of aluminium furniture for outdoor and indoor environments. The characteristics of aluminium allow for the production of innovative designs with colourful finishes, whilst being extremely durable and recyclable adding both to the products life cycle and ecological footprint.

Forest Armchair in white

What we really love about the Fast range is the products look equally at home both indoors and out and the designs are particularly unique.  Focusing on products for the leisure seating and table market we have selected a number of Fast products for these environments. The Twin, ForestRionEasy & Olympia chairs are available in a large range of vibrant colours whilst the accompanying Tonik table is available in the same colour range with both a fixed and tilt top. 

Twin chair in white


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