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  • Posted on: 18 January 2013
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Alhondiga, Bilbao Spain
WE are pleased to announce that Working Environments will now be representing Iduna in the UK market. Iduna have completed some of the most prestigious library projects on the European mainland including Alhondiga-Bilbao, and Biblioteca del Sud-Barcelona (Spain), Bibliotheek de Beuk-Woerden (The Netherlands) and many more. A more complete list of the library projects is shown at the base of this blog.

Iduna have a wide selection of fantastic products but there are two main library systems that I will concentrate on for now.

Iduna Bibli shelving
The Bibli shelving product by José Manuel Carvalho Araújo for Iduna is great looking modular library system. It is available in a variety of finshes with a host of accessories to suit whatever requirements you have. The great thing about Iduna is their design team is used to treating each project as a unique project and so can easily adapt product to suit requirements. The Bibli range was selected by Philip Stark for the Alhóndiga Bilbao and has been used extensively on some major municipal projects throughout Europe. However don't be put off by the grandness of the projects it has been used for so far, it also works very well in the moderate and small sized projects as well!

Nova in Biblioteca del Sud Barcelona
The Nova shelving range is the new library product from Iduna Design. Iduna have taken all they have learnt from their years of experience in this market and the Bibli range to improve the flxibility and form of the product and allow some interesting new features. The curved metal shelving for instance is a first, and very impressive it is too! Iduna provide flexibility in manufacturing, top quality design, excellent product and first class work process, that all combine to give fantastic service at excellent prices for a world class result.

As well as shelving Iduna also have some first class desk and storage products a few of our favourites are the Ope range  below, the Adriano, the Arpa desk range and the E-Duna. We may have to revisit these other products at a later date though to give them the attention they deserve!

Iduna Ope desk range
Library Projects

Alhondiga-Bilbao, Spain
Biblioteca de la Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, Spain
Biblioteca del Sud-Barcelona, Spain
Biblioteca Municipal Alvardo de Campos-Tavira, Portugal
Biblioteca Municipal de Ilhavo, Portugal
Biblioteca Municipal Oliveira de Azmeis, Potugal
Bibliotheek de Beuk-Woerden, The Netherlands
Bibliotheque - Universitie du Havre, France
Historisch Centrun Overijssel-Zwolle, The Netherlands
Mediatheque du Marsan-Monte de Marsan, France

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