Although the Artifort brand came into existence in 1928 the foundations for the upholstery and design were laid by Jules Wagemans when he started as an upholsterer in Maastricht in 1890. Artifort comes from the Latin word “ars” meaning art or knowledge and “fortis” meaning strong or powerful. The word “comfort” is also reflected in this brand name. Art and Comfort are the bywords that Artifort like to be known for, along with timeless design.

This manufacturer works with some incredible designers and undoubtedly has a number of classic pieces in its portfolio. Some pieces are archetypal of the 60’s and 70’s and their appearance definitely puts them more in the “Art” category than “furniture”. Possibly the biggest surprise with this company is that they aren’t an even bigger brand than they are currently.

WE like Artifort for the number of iconic pieces in their portfolio.