Hush Twin Pod

Hush Twin Pod is made by two conjoined pods, each with their own sofa, desk, lighting, and ventilation. It’s larger than the Hush Phone but smaller than Hush Work. Each ‘half provides an essential amount of space to work — no more, no less. For teams who need multiple private work areas in their small office, Hush Twin delivers in its efficient use of space.

Each Hush twin pod comes with an anti-virus nano photocatalyst coating on the internals as standard. 

It has frosted glass back panels so it can even be positioned in the middle of an open plan office without blocking the flow of light. 

  • Anti-collision door marking
  • Toughened acoustic glass with high quality handle
  • Door in aluminium frame with acoustic seal
  • Acoustic lined fabric panels
  • Levelling feet
  • Led ceiling light with dimmer
  • Active ventilation run by presence sensor
  • Possibility to hang the screen on the central panel
  • Power module (Power + USB + RJ45)
  • Two comfortable seating benches
  • Possibility to move without disassembly


  • Hush Twin Pod
  • Hush Twin Pod
  • Hush Twin Pod
  • Hush Twin Pod
  • Hush Twin Pod

Product by Hush Office

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