Kolo Duo + and Duo ++

The Kolo Duo pod can now be extended to create larger pods. One extension gives the Duo+, 2 no, extensions gives the Duo ++.

The Kolo Duo accommodates up to 4 people, the Duo plus up to 6 people and the Duo plus plus up to 8 people.

These pods come as standard with a black, white or graphite exterior and dark or light grey interior. Other exterior colours are available but these would be non stock items. 

This pod range does have an interesting option in that the exteriors can be "Wrapped" so you can change the colour of a standard module or add any design you like to the outside. 

The pods have class leading soundproofing materials and structural detailing to mitigate noise. Lighting is controlled by a PIR sensor to switch on upon entry and turn off when not in use. 

Duo units have custom designed airflow vents which provide constant natural air circulation and achieve a controlled airflow.

Eco-innovative polyester (PET) acoustic panels are used in all the Milli range which use a minimum of 50% post consumer recycled polyseter staple fibre content. 

These booths have levelling feet that can be adjusted to access the rollers for easy relocation. 

Exterior Dimensions:

Duo + - 2200mm W x 2330mm D x 2250mm H

Duo ++ - 2200mm W x 3440mm D x 2250mm H

  • Kolo Duo + and Duo ++
  • Kolo Duo + and Duo ++
  • Kolo Duo + and Duo ++
  • Kolo Duo + and Duo ++
  • Kolo Duo + and Duo ++
  • Kolo Duo + and Duo ++

Product by Koplus

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