Monolink Stacking Chair

Monolink stacking conference chair designed by Martin Ballendat for Casala is the first one-piece polypropylene chair which can be stacked and linked. See how easy it is to use in video below! Monolink is a chair which integrates immediately in both the smallest canteen and the largest conference room. Handy, comfortable and sturdy. A one-piece cast which has been fitted with a system for linking and stacking. Monolink is available in two versions, one with a plastic seat and the other with an upholstered seat. The chair is available in three colours. The seat, a separate plastic element, is available in the same three colours as the chair plus an three additional colours. This means you can achieve eighteen different colour combinations in plastic. Since the Colgne exhibition 2016 the Monolink chair is now available in 3 new colours.

One of Monolink's attractive characteristics is the way it can be quickly set-up and stored and it is available with a clever transport method which is available as an accessory. Another option is the Zifra numbering system which is compatible with the Monolink.

Watch the Monolink in action here!

See our Blogs on 6 reasons why conference centres require well designed seating and download our guide on How to set out non fixed seating or call us today on 020 7736 6636 for help with your selection.

  • Monolink Stacking Chair
  • Monolink Stacking Chair
  • Monolink Stacking Chair
  • Monolink Stacking Chair
  • Monolink Stacking Chair

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