Plot seating system

Plot from Berlin-based designer duo osko+deichmann is a modular system that provides a contemporary response to public space seating. 

Every person uses furniture in their own unique way. While sitting down, people change their posture and furniture serves a different purpose for each of us – for some it offers a spot to rest or communicate while for others it provides a temporary office space or an oasis of tranquillity. With its multilevel seating, plot allows different seating positions and encourages informal communication. plot, the modular loungescape invites people to return and interpret seating in a new way.

Three cushioned surfaces can be used in various ways – as a backrest, table, couch, chair or tablet where items can be placed. The tops distinguish themselves in colour and material from the sides. With numerous combinations of colours and modules, plot can be adapted to many different types of rooms.

  • Plot seating system
  • Plot seating system
  • Plot seating system
  • Plot seating system
  • Plot seating system

Product by Brunner

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