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  • Posted on: 22 October 2018
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Rachel Woodger

Green Furniture Concept is a global design brand that builds seamless interior experiences for public indoor areas. They describe themselves as the intersection between exceptional furniture design, first-class layout services and environmental sustainability. This produces unique, stylish yet functional seating that engages the public to interact with the space. Fundamentality their concept is human-centric with good user experience at heart of everything they do. 

Sustainability is the fundamental premise of Green Furniture Concept. Johan Berhin - Designer & Founder says, 

“Knowing that what you do is meaningful is a great feeling. But to really make a difference, sustainable companies have to make an impact: people have to want sustainable products more than they want the less sustainable. And there’s a pretty simple trick to getting there – just make sure the sustainable products are better.” 

Seating solutions

Green Furniture Concept’s sculptural benches give you the flexibility to create layouts that perfectly fit your space. with the potential to offer room for both interaction and privacy. The Nova C and IOU series offer freedom of design through modularity which makes them an ideal seating solution for large public spaces such as airports, railway stations, shopping centers, universities, hospital receptions, office and hotel lobbies.

The benefits of these products seem endless from the seamless seating creating a sense of place to adding seating density in a commercial areas. Research has shown that free, easy-access seating in public spaces not only has a positive impact on people which also increases sales. This has been extremely successful for Edinburgh Airport where they have used the Nova C bench to increase their seating capacity by 44% which in turn has increased passenger satisfaction from 52 per cent to 81 per cent, a jump of 29 per cent.

This approach has now been adopted by shopping centres and transport hubs all over the world. Sitting down for a moment lets people de-stress, giving them a chance to realise they have time after all and remember things they need to buy. It is this combined with the timeless design and the sustainable credentials that makes Green Concept Furniture a very interesting manufacturer and their benches are very possibly modern classics.


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