TMSW office redesign and Meeting pods



  • Posted on: 12 June 2023
  • By: harvey
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WE have recently helped TMSW in Hatfiields reconfigure their office space to allow greater flexibility and additional meeting space.

With the increased need for video conferencing WE helped TMSW source some new meeting pods of varying sizes to allow their staff to carry out their online and inhouse meetings in peace.

TMSW selected the Hush pod range for its acoustic viability, well engineered product and value for money. The Hush Hybrids and Hush twin were chosen for one-to-one privacy when on calls and the Hush Meet units were selected for larger meetings (up to 4 people). 

 large_Hush Hybrid Video booths and Hush Twin in background 500 x 375.JPG 

The Hush units were installed on two floors over a 2 day install on Friday and Monday when the office was quieter. 

As well as meeting pods WE also supplied new Flat cafe tables and Arum chairs for the redesigned cafe area and a Four Real stand up table and Varya Tapiz stools for an informal hot desk area. Additional tables were also installed including an Essens Oval table for one of the meeting spaces on the lower ground floor. 

The project was carried out over a couple of months whilst contractors rearranged and redecorated the offices, all whilst staff were still in situ.  

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