Kolo Duo

The Kolo Duo was originally designed as a meeting space for 2-4 people. It can be used equally effectively however as a private workspace giving an additional sense of security when working in open plan spaces allowing the occupant to focus fully on the task in hand. 

Duo pods can also be extended into arger modules which are called Duo+ or Duo++ which you can see HERE.

These units are usually available from stock in the black, white or graphite finish but can also be supplied in other finishes although on a longer lead time. These untis can also be supplied with a "wrapped" finish, meaning any design or colour can be used.

The unit has:

  • PIR activated LED lights which are dimmable and have controllable colour temperature.
  • Acoustic foam lining.
  • Hidden power connection point.
  • Steel exterior with whiteboard finish available on request.
  • PIR activated ventilation.
  • Sound absorbing PET fabric.
  • Charging station with 2 AC outlets and dual USB charger.
  • levelling feet can be adjusted to give access to rollers for horizontal relocation. 

Exterior Dimensions - 2200mm W x 1220mm D x 2250mm H


  • Kolo Duo
  • Kolo Duo
  • Kolo Duo
  • Kolo Duo
  • Kolo Duo
  • Kolo Duo
  • Kolo Duo

Product by Koplus

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