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  • Posted on: 9 August 2019
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Acoustic pods ,  meeting pods  and telephone booths are some of our most popular products at the moment. The room in a room concept has been developed for facilities managers looking to:

  • increase flexibility of their workspace
  • improve efficiency of their meeting spaces
  • reduce impact of build work and costly office downtime 
  • improve your enrionmental footprint by investing in a product that can be taken with you when you move office and will last decades
  • save volume of plasterboard and constuction product that goes to landfill when you move office and old partitions are taken down as part of dilapidations
  • take out the requirement for project planning, building regulation approval, coordination with external contractors and fixed connections into the buildings infrastructure
  • remove the need to apply and wait for a license to alter from the landlord.
  • increase acoustic performance between spaces
  • eliminate dilapidation costs
  • create a flexible room that can easily be adjusted for different uses, from private office and call area to training or presentation suite.

SBS Quatro pod in white    SBS Seat Box in Oak    Hush closed 4 person pod

One major advantage of meeting pods compared to more traditional stud wall and demountable partition systems is that the pods are classed as furniture and so can be leased. The advantages of leasing the pods are:

  • protects liquidity
  • protects credit lines
  • offers regular, predictable instalments
  • offers tax advantages, as the instalments are included under operating expenses
  • enables capital expenditure, even in difficult economic circumstances

The Meeting pod central pod without back or glazed front    Outdoor office pod 1.1    Hush Phone booth

This requirement has led to many new products being developed in order to create rooms of different types. The most common requirements for these flexible meeting spaces are:

There is now a wide selection of products on the market place that can help with these requirements, which product is most suitable for you will depend on the criteria for your particular project. For help evaluating which product is right for you​   give us a call to discuss your options. 

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