Build, Use, Reuse

Morph® is a new concept modular construction system made from 100% recycled materials and 100% recyclable. The core components (single block, double block, base and top section) are injection moulded from recycled ABS. Lightweight and strong with a uniquely designed male to female click connection system, Morph blocks are similar to the Lego concept with combinations of components assembled into product designs.

The focus of the product is on simplicity of product design and construction to maximise the adaptability and transference of the components between uses in the future.

Morph bridges a gap in the market for fast build adaptable office furniture/fit-out solutions and recycled furniture. It enables businesses to reduce carbon footprints and improve environmental impact and provides a C2C circular economy solution to tackle the industry 'throw-away' culture. The Morph concept also contributes to the injection moulding evolution dispelling doubt about the quality of recycled materials and as we develop further we aim to use more challenging sources of recycled plastic.

The product has a long lifetime, construction is quick and easy and final products can be taken apart and reformed into a new design to suit another purpose or recycled and reconstructed as a new Morph block product. 

See how Morph works on our Morph Video.