Darent Valley Hospital Radiology Reporting Hub

WE have recently completed a project with Darent Valley Hospital (DVH) Radiology department to help create a bespoke purpose-built reporting Hub. 

The Hub was to be located in a former x-ray room which had some unique challenges with shape of the room, positions of pillars and ceiling heights. 

The ambition for the room was to reutilise it for reporting space.  All scans and x-rays require a definitive report for clinicians to administer correct treatment.  The Royal College of Radiologist (RCR) and College of Radiographers, the professional bodies for Radiology, have strict guidelines around the lighting, level of disturbance, ambiance and acoustic noise levels. 

WE chose teh Cell pod range from Senator for its flexibility as well as excellent acoustics and bespoke aspects.

You can see more detail on this project in our blog on "State of the art radiology reporting hub at darent valley hospital"

Nicholas Key (General Radiology Manager, Darent Valley Hospital) is really pleased with the final result:

‘The Radiology reporting hub is a purpose built solution which helps us to deliver the best working environment for Radiologists and Radiographers to report in the optimum conditions which are defined by our professional bodies. The pods can be moved in future if there are future Radiology developments. It also means that Dartford and Gravesham NHS Trust (DGT) have the future flexibility to move reporting into communal spaces which still provide the reporting conditions of solitary offices. Each pod is ergonomically designed and has parity height adjustable desks, independent spot lighting and ambient lighting so that each reporter can have an individual working environment tailored to their own needs.

I am very happy with the design and implementation of the pods and I believe we have fantastic potential for redeveloping existing work spaces and creating new work spaces within CDCs’.