The Glades Shopping Centre

The soft furniture scheme designed by Working Environments for The Glades in Bromley, South London, is carefully curated to complement the center's modern yet classic aesthetic. 

Pausepoints: There are a total of 7 pausepoints across the centre 

Flooring: Rectangular Bolon woven vinyl rugs are used as the base for each pausepoint, providing both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Color Scheme: The soft color scheme is chosen to harmonize with the center's classic aesthetic, creating a cohesive and inviting atmosphere.

Furniture Brands:

Klik Modular Seating System by Arper: Utilized in the larger pausepoints, offering flexibility and comfort for visitors.
Pix Pouf, Adell, and Magnum Chair from Sancal: Complementing the Klik system, these pieces add variety and style to the seating options.
Myriad Modular System by Boss Design: Used in the smaller pausepoints, providing a cohesive and adaptable seating solution.
Magic Pouf and Paloma Chair by Boss Design: Enhancing the comfort and functionality of the Myriad modular system, along with tables for added convenience.
Overall, the soft furniture scheme combines functionality, style, and comfort, creating inviting spaces for visitors to relax and enjoy their time at The Glades.