tms Office replan and meeting pods

WE have recently completed an office replan and furniture installation for tms in Hatfields. With an increased requirement for meeting and video conferencing space, WE installed 3 no. Hush meet units, 1 no. Hush twin and 2 no. Hush Hybrids. In addition WE rearranged 2 no. floors to allow reorganisation of teams and greater flexibility in meeting space. 

As well as the Hush pods WE also installed new cafe furniture on the ground floor including "Flat" cafe tables from Inclass and Arum cafe chairs. Upholstered versions of the Arum chairs were used in meeting rooms. A Four Real standing table and Varya Tapiz stools were used to create a more informal hot desk area.

The Hush meeting pods in particular are proving a great success and are well used in the newly designed office space.